Cool and windy last evening...

Damp, humid, and cool this morning; a dome of opaque white above to every corner of the horizon. It's the feast of the martyred (impio rege) Saint Stanislaus, bishop of Krakow (Introibo, CE, Wiki). Holy Mass will be streamed from Saint-Eugène at the usual hour: but the votive Mass of the Most Sacred Heart, Cogitationes cordis eius, will be said since it is the First Friday of the month. Am running late, tsk, since I slept so soundly last night; time for Terce and breakfast.

I read the email sent from the good people at Notre-Dame de Chrétienté overnight with disgust-- evidently, if they had decided to call the Pèlerinage à Chartres at Pentecost a 'protest march' there is reason to believe that the French authorities would have had to allow a thousand pilgrims; as it is, the limit is 10. The world hates us, to paraphrase someone important, and sees no reason to allow us to flourish; some other folks, our contemporaries, seem to forget this. 

The little machina in my mobile telephone reminds me that today is the anniversary of Jean Vanier's death. I remember thinking when I added the 'event' to the calendar that we had a new saint to intercede on our behalf before the divine Majesty; as it turned out, we need to pray for him, that he repented of his sins and that Purgatory may be dreadful, searingly painful, and mercifully effective. 

If the Roman Pontiff is going to begin instituting new ministeria-- that of catechist in the present case-- how long before porters and exorcists and subdeacons are back? One can hope. On the other hand, 'acolytes' have been a ministerium since the reign of Paul VI and the 'installed acolyte' is a rarissima avis.

It is also the feast of Saint Flavia Domitilla (1st-2nd century), of Saint Rosa (18th century), and of Saint John (8th century). 

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.