Feria Quinta Maioris Hebdomadae, Maundy Thursday...

The sacred and awesome days of the Triduum of Our Lord's Passion have begun. I think I got way more sun yesterday than I'm accustomed to. One walk to Saint Stephen's in the evening for the Mass in Coena Domini, so a less strenuous day. The plan is to eat a large-ish breakfast and then content myself with tea and toast for a light dinner, i.e am not going adventuring after a restaurant today. This afternoon I will listen to Lamentationes and Victoria's Responsoria for Tenebrae; finally have figured out that Saint-Eugene's stream of Tenebrae begins at noon.

It occurred to me earlier, at the end of Lauds as it happens, that I ought to hear at least a Mass at Holy Rosary so I checked and indeed they have space at the 0900 on Easter.

Post Sextam
. Dominican Tenebrae was sung entirely in English with psalmody of some species that is doubtless quite familiar to those who are well informed about such things; one nocturn at Matins, if I'm recalling rightly. Perfectly fine in its own way, and I shall attend tomorrow, but on Saturday morning I will go to the Roman Office at Saint Stephen's at 0900. Am listening to Stile Antico sing Victoria, the responsory Astisterunt reges terrae, Aestimatus sum and Sepulto Domino remaining. Then Francisco Guerrero's Maria Magdalena-- indeed lovely but it's for Easter; one cannot expect worldings to respect the ecclesiastical calendar.

Ate a full breakfast at Zell's on Morrison, after Tenebrae. And then I shopped at Powell's-- a visit to Portland without a book or two from Powell's isn't a real event. I found the 1921 and 1926 editions of the Almanach de Gotha, de-accessioned from the Multnomah County (i.e. Portland and environs) Public Library for less than ten bucks apiece; had them shipped to Eugene since my two bags were stuffed to bursting so fortunately don't have their distractions. Had never seen one in the flesh, so to say, or held one. 

Ante Vesperas. Must shave then after Vespers will nap for a bit before leaving for Mass in Coena Domini. Am going to call Lyft to get there because, well, because that gives me an extra 45 minutes to persuade a certain organ to give up as much of its production as possible. After Mass the altar is stripped, and Adoration of the Sacrament at the altar of repose continues until midnight. 

It is also the feast of Saint Gilbert (13th century), of Saint Hugh (12th century), and of the Blessed Sofia (17th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.