A glorious summery evening last night...

But with an undercurrent of cooler air, I thought. In any case, today has dawned bright and clear and just as warm as it has been these last days, the mid-40s, although it doesn't feel quite so warm. It is a feria, so the Mass today is yesterday's, Misericordia Domini (Introibo); worth noting that in at least five French churches it is the feast of Pope Saint Leo IX, born Bruno of...  Alsatia or of Toul or (say the Italians) of Dagsburg. 

I have taken it into my head to have a map of the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts printed out so that I can keep a visual record of my virtual progress at being sea-sick across three continents. Will chat with the UPS Store fellow in the morning. Blue flags for uneventful landings (if there ever are any), red flags for hostilities, and a black flag for the nonsense at Cyzicus (where the 'Nauts killed their last nights' hosts because they were too feckless to realize that a storm had returned them to the same harbor they had just left... but it was night) and any other stupid encounters like it. Or some sort of arrangement. 

Peter Kwasniewski has posted an article at New Liturgical Movement to begin the week on a stirring note: 'Ending Seventy Years of Liturgical Exile: The Return of the Pre-55 Holy Week'. 

... The year 2021, however, appears to be the year in which Rome (taken here to mean those who are quietly in charge of affairs concerning the usus antiquior) has given a global wink to those wanting to use the pre-55 Holy Week, and, indeed, to reclaim pre-55 practices more generally. No express permission is being given, because none is needed for that which is immemorially sacred and great. Catholics of the Roman rite, in small groups, here and there, are returning to the liturgical temple after seventy years of exile....

I must re-read the essay; certainly this will not be the last word written on the subject, and Dr Kwasniewski has been for some time now a champion of the Traditional Rite. It is a marker, and an indication perhaps of how 'the game' has changed since the pontificates of Saint John Paul II and Benedictus XVI. 

Post Vesperas. There are over a hundred comments on Dr Kwasniewski's post, which is an unusually high number at NLM. I'm afraid I have been reading Apollonius in Merrill's version (intending to catch up there to the point I've reached in the Race translation in Loeb) and not Dom Prosper or Blessed Ildefonso this afternoon.

My resistance collapsed and I bought Peter Green's The Argonautika, eh; Deo gratias, it is only available in the Kindle version. I also saw a monograph that I want to read selling for 8,000 yen (I confess I have no idea whatsoever what that is in dollars)-- am spared that temptation however because those people don't ship to the United States. 

It is, in addition to the feast of Saint Leo IX (11th century), also that of Saint Emma (11th century), and of Saint Elfege (11th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum. R. Deo grátias.