Saint Augustine, on the morrow's Gospel...

At the end of the 3rd lesson at Matins.

... Quæ est doctrína Patris, nisi Verbum Patris? Ipse ergo Christus doctrína Patris, si Verbum Patris. Sed quia Verbum, non potest esse nullíus, sed alicújus: et suam doctrínam dixit seípsum, et non suam, quia Patris est Verbum. Quid enim tam tuum quam tu? Et quid tam non tuum quam tu, si alicújus est, quod es?

What is the doctrine of the Father but the Word of the Father? If Christ therefore be the Word of the Father, He is the doctrine of the Father. A Word cannot be of no one, but must,  if it be a Word, have some one whose word it is: Christ says that His doctrine is Himself, and therefore not His, because He is the Word of the Father. And what have you that is more your own than yourself? Or what is there that is so little your own as yourself, if that which you are is another's?