There was dense fog at 0345...

But I won't see out there again until after Prime; in about an hour. It is the feast of Saint Peter Damian (CE, Introibo[it looks like someone copied too extensively from CE at Wikipedia, ahem]), and Holy Mass will be streamed from Saint-Eugène in some four and a half hours. Yesterday Fr Grodziski was without any servers at all; while I'm sure, knowing churches a bit, that there is a story, I tried not to speculate for too long. I see that the notice at St.-E. has changed from 'Mass of St Peter Damian' to 'Mass of the Feria III', which latter, with a commemoration of Saint Peter, is what is actually in the 1960-1962 Calendar: perhaps it has been decided... I do try not to waste too much time in spec.

This saintly Bishop of Ostia was a fearless and distinguished son of the Order of St Benedict, who, in the 11th century-- a very turbulent period marked by antipopes, heresies, and a lamentable relaxation of the religious spirit--  was like a column of fire guiding the faithful along the narrow path of the cross of Christ that leads in safety to heaven. He passed from this life to God on February 22, but because of the feast of the Chair of St Peter, his yearly commemoration takes place today. Leo XII ordered that his Office-- which was at first observed only by the Benedictines-- should be extended to the universal Church. The Mass is of the Common of Doctors as on January 29, but the Collect is proper to the feast and recalls the saint's renunciation of a Cardinal’s hat, and of the bishopric of Ostia. Collect: 'Grant unto us, we beseech thee, almighty God, to follow the counsels and example of blessed Peter thy confessor and bishop, that, by despising earthly things, we may attain unto everlasting joys. Through our Lord'.

That is the entire page devoted to Saint Peter by Blessed Ildefonso; considering how prolix he is in so many places it occurs to me to wonder if perhaps the memory of Saint Peter's career touched upon some contemporary nonsense. The combat against heretics and clerics' sexual deviance and abuse were the most famous objects of Saint Peter's crusade of preaching. Matthew Hoffman's introduction to Saint Peter's Book of Gomorrah provides an excellent brief survey of the period. Which of the Bishops is going to appeal publicly today for the holy Doctor's intercession and guidance as yet again those plagues are visited upon Holy Church?

Holy Mass begins momentarily. The stunted apple tree next to the deck in the back yard is beginning to bud. Noticed this only in the sunlight shining through the water droplets clinging to the incipient buds; no telling when this began happening.

It is also the feast of Saint Mildburga (8th century), of Saint Milo (11th century), and of Blessed Raffaella (19th century).

V. Et álibi aliórum plurimórum sanctórum Mártyrum et Confessórum, atque sanctárum Vírginum.
R. Deo grátias.