The year advances, and I can see the increase of the light...

When I'm on the return leg of my morning walk, when I've set out west, anyway. Usually I'm back in the house at 0515 or 0530 on those days. 0700 now, it's been light enough to read a map since... honestly I don't know because I was saying Prime from just before the half hour and not paying attention. Tomorrow I will try to: when can the lonely wanderer begin to read his map? Of course cloudy skies today and clear skies tomorrow might make a difference.

Today is the feast of Saint Jean de Matha, Confessor (Introibo, Wiki) and co-founder, with Saint Felix de Valois, of the Trinitarian Order: they did an enormously significant work, over five centuries, redeeming Christians taken captive and enslaved by the Mahometans (the modern myth that the poor Muslims suffered blamelessly from the depredations of 'the Crusaders' is just that: a myth). Holy Mass from Saint-Eugène at 1000. Time for anchovy toast and checking the mail.