It's clear and chilly out, as befits a day in early February...

And (gladdened as I am to hear the rain in the early morning hours) this is quite a pleasant change. It is the feast of Saint Andrew Corsini, Bishop and Confessor (CE, IntroiboWiki); Saint-Eugène will stream Holy Mass at 1000. 

I know the name Ben Shapiro because people on the 'right' side of things go on about him although not so much lately-- perhaps he refused to wave his hands about in adulation whilst Mr Trump lit himself on fire during the carnival show at the end in January; no idea. Jeff Ostrowski, the Corpus Christi Watershed fellow, corrected an error in Mr Shapiro's excursus into musicology... late last month, perhaps. (It is, en passant, it is extremely vexatious that people who put nonsense online carelessly omit to note the date of whatever they are attempting to make me notice.)  I didn't watch the video but I have been listening to Victoria's Mass Ave Maris stella

Have been reading Dr Townsend's analysis of Bach's Das wohltemperierte Klavier, begun here, and fussing about with 'news'. Time for a glass of tea and Terce.