A Saturday morning cloudy and grey...

But without rain, yet anyway. Am eating anchovy toast, and completed my federal and state income taxes earlier. It is the feast of Saint Titus, Bishop, confessor of the Faith and companion of the Apostle (Introibo, Wiki). No idea why his feast was added to the Roman Calendar as late as it was (1854). Blessed Ildefonso in his Liber sacramentorum is not particularly enlightening; I gather that there was a great deal of argument between the Protestant and Catholic exegetes as to who Titus was, and which mention of 'Titus' where in the Apostle's Letters referred to our Titus.

... This feast dates only from 1854, when it was instituted by Pius IX. The Fathers of the Church, however, and more especially the Greeks, have lauded the sanctity and zeal of this favourite disciple of St Paul, while the Byzantines celebrate his memory on August 25, and give him the title of Apostle: Mνημη του αγιου αποστολου Τιτου, the feast of the Apostle Saint Titus....

It is also the feast of Saint Dorothy, although in most places this is celebrated by a commemoration only. Saint-Eugène isn't streaming Holy Mass this morning, although Mass of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady was celebrated twice earlier in the morning, with commemorations of Saints Titus and Dorothy (yesterday was the First Friday of the month, today the First Saturday). I ought to have checked the parish calendar earlier in the week, ahem, so I would have know what was going on on Candlemas at Saint-E.-- they are celebrating the external solemnities of the feast (in the Traditional Rite) tomorrow. I thought it a bit unusual that such a feast was marked only by a low Mass.

Have nearly finished with Lancel's Carthage, continue my slow progress in Adams's Regional Diversification, and am beginning today Dionysius Cartusianus's commentary on the Psalms, the first volume (Psalms 1 through 25) of which arrived in the mail earlier in the week. Fux's Gesù Cristo negato da Pietro K 297 is on the stereo. A still grey but peaceful ending of the week. Victoria, since I cannot find the Fux at YouTube, although it was there yesterday, I believe.