It is only the first day of the new Moon, I think...

But, good heavens, it seemed bright out at 0330 or whenever it was that I dragged myself out of bed. It is the feast of Saint Paul the first hermit (CE, Introibo, Wiki-- which in this case is much more informative than the CE article), and also of the companion of Saint Benedict, Saint Maurus, who, at the Holy Father's command, strode across the surface of the lake to save drowning Brother... I can't recall the name. 

I have to go out later than usual this morning because I need to go downtown to the bank in order to obtain a temporary debit card, there having appeared last evening a couple of unauthorised debits, which I caught because quite by chance I had taken it into my head to log on to my account at the bank's website. Once returned from downtown, I also must stop at the Sheldon Branch of the Eugene Public Library in order to collect... a book that's being held for me. I think it's what's his name's history of Carthage. The Library didn't have his Saint Augustine so I settled on this. I had to look online, his name not coming to mind after all of that; Serge Lancel. 

Post Sextam. Finally managed to make it back to my little room shortly after noon. Bank, rent, library, shopping-- all the errands accomplished. Unfortunately, I think that the temporary debit card isn't going to work for certain purposes online (e.g. renewing my Amazon Prime subscription, tsk)-- but, eh, if that is the most irritating nonsense in the next 7 to 10 days, I'm truly blessed. Windows on the other laptop is 'updating'-- which it had already done this morning, or so I thought; evidently not. 

I checked the time for the beginning of Sir James MacMillan's Christmas Oratorio in the morning, I suppose hoping against hope that I'd gotten something wrong but it does seem to be the case that 1415 in Amsterdam is 0515 here, meaning morning will be upset two days in a row. The pdf book for the concert is here; the NPO link is here. Time for None.