Almost half past four...

And am off to my shower before much longer. Was up just before 0200 in order to follow Holy Mass of Our Lord's Epiphany from Saint-Eugène-- it was quite splendid: Lully, a troped introit, the sequence Ad Iesum occurite from the Paris Missal of 1685, Charpentier's Messe de Minuit H 9 for the ordinary. YouTube stuttered, unfortunately, during most of Canon Guelfucci's sermon and part of the offertory and Fr. N. managed to screw up the chanting of the Noveritis (the proclamation sung at the Epiphany of the important dates of the coming year e.g. when Septuagesima and Lent begin, when is Easter and Ascension and Pentecost, Corpus Christi and the beginning of Advent)-- but these were minor imperfections considering the glories of the whole. 

Quite why I began listening earlier to Sir James MacMillan's Tuireadh would involve an interminable boring explanation of my morning but not yet quite alert routine and so forth and so on. I don't really like listening to the clarinet, as a general rule. Pft. 

Ante Tertiam. The video of Holy Mass is up. I've returned from my morning walk; a light rain only. The first cup of tea is very pleasant. 

In the Novus Ordo Rite, it is the feast of Our Lord's Baptism (I went out last evening-- the 'Saturday vigil Mass', so called, is celebrated in Latin these days and, well, at the cost of toing and froing last night the entire day today is free of it, ahem). There is some point here that I was intending to make but I seem to have misplaced it. Must say Terce before Vespers at Paris.

Ante Tertiam, on Monday. Second Vespers for yesterday's celebration of the Epiphania Domini