Today's the feast of Pope Saint Damasus...

In whose reign, as Saint Jerome wrote, Valentis potissimum et Ursacii fraudibus damnatio Nicænæ fidei conclamata fuit: et ingemiscens orbis terrarum, se Arianum esse miratus est, that by frauds and trickery the powerful sectarians Valens and Ursacius obtained a mob's overthrow of the Nicaean Faith, the entire world groaning to find itself, overnight, Arian (CE, Introibo, Wiki). I'm not quite sure which declaration of the Arian heresy Saint Jerome is writing about there-- apparently the regional Council of Rimini in July of the year 359.

Since I was out yesterday at midday, I missed Holy Mass from Saint-Eugène. Perhaps today at noon, too. This concert at the Actus Humanus Festival 2020 was streamed yesterday, the Concerti grossi nos 1-6 of Francesco Geminiani; nos 7-12 are performed today, if I've read the page properly. (Wikipedia says that there are 42 in total, op 2, 3, and 7; these two concerts' concerti grossi are evidently based on Arcangelo Corelli's, if that provides a clue.) The Royal Baroque Ensemble is led by Lilianna Stawarz.

And in today's video from Neumz, Dom Jacques-Marie Guilmard of Solesmes discusses the neumes themselves, 'neumatic notation', with Dr Urones Sánchez.


The Eugene Symphony Orchestra is providing 44 'private lessons scholarships' to area students, nominated by their teachers. 10 of the 44 awards are to be or being made with the sponsorship of the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, to 'BIPOC' pupils. 

... Our new Private Lesson Program is available to regional students who do not otherwise have the opportunity to take private lessons. This program will serve 44 talented young music students in the Eugene 4J, Springfield, and Bethel School Districts. Students are nominated by their school music teacher to receive the scholarship, which consists of 8 free private lessons with a professional Eugene Symphony musician, as well as a modest stipend for lesson materials....

I wonder what can be expected to be accomplished in eight sessions with a ESO musician? Judging by my own limited experience with music lessons, not a spectacular great lot: but I've no doubt that these talented and self-motivated children will have much better success than I ever did, lazy fellow that I am. 

The Pope in Rome has granted a plenary indulgence for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, obtainable under the usual conditions both today and tomorrow along with the further condition that one follow one of the broadcasts or livestreamings of Holy Mass from the Basilica in Mexico (the Bishops of that nation in their wisdom have closed the Basilica on account of the plague). 

Dr Townsend posted the Friday Miscellanea today, so I believe we may think him still further along in recovery from his bout with the plague. It's evidently time to make my fantasy ticket purchases for the Salzburger Festspiele's 2021 season

After skimming the operas and recitals, I went to the 'Church Concerts' and my eyes lit on July 28's, featuring Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber von Bibern's Battaglia a 10 voces and Galina Ustvolskaya's Dies irae for 8 double basses, woodblock, and piano-- having just read Dr Townsend's paragraphs about her in the Miscellanea. Don't believe I had seen her name and am certainly unfamiliar with her work. He's featuring her Symphony no 5 over there; let's see what else is at YouTube. The violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaya-- who strikes me as authentically interested in the manifold variety of musics, not simply one of the children indulging a penchant for woke-- is playing the woodblock in this recording of the Dies irae.