Most appreciably a cold morning, D.g., but no snow...

Which is meant to be a joke because we get snow here in the Willamette Valley, more or less a mile from the Willamette River, on average twice a year. I missed Holy Mass at Saint-Eugène because, it being the First Saturday of the month, it began at 0200 here; the Mass was Adeamus cum fiducia, of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady (CE [interestingly enough, this article was published prior to the insertion of the feast in the Roman calendar], Introibo, Wiki).

The Neumz 'Advent calendar' video for this morning is devoted to the feast of Saint Nicholas, properly celebrated on the 6th but it's going to be commemorated only tomorrow because the Second Sunday of Advent takes precedence. Dr Gatté points out that the antiphon at the Magnificat in First Vespers for the Second Sunday of Advent makes use of the now familiar melody, incorporated also in the very commonly sung Mass called de Angelis, number VIII in the Liber usualis. The antiphon O pietas Christi, sung at Vespers of Saint Nicholas, was sung in one of the liturgical plays documented in the Livre de Jeux de Fleury (which relic of the great Abbey of Saint-Benoît de Fleury is now held in the municipal library of Orléans) and is evidently where and when the melody entered the Liturgy. Think that I now have that right; I entirely misunderstood the video on first listen (and indeed on the second, ha). 

The Sanctus from the Missa de Angelis

The Polish state broadcaster is livestreaming the concert of the second part (nos 7-12) of Charles Avison's concerti grossi (that link is to a pdf of the liner notes for the Avison Ensemble's 2007 edition of the concerti grossi) today-- performed as yesterday by the {OH!} Historical Orchestra-- along with two more of Handel's arias sung by Jakub Jósef Orliński, Cara sposa from Rinaldo and Furibondo spira il vento from Parthenope. Will see if I can't catch this; the Radio Polskie site doesn't seem to want to make this simple for me, ahem. Time for breakfast; I only now have noticed that Saint-Eugène celebrated First Vespers of the Second Sunday of Advent almost an hour and a half ago-- sorry I missed it but am not following it now; perhaps after I say Vespers myself... in six or seven hours. 

Ante Sextam. At last have arrived at Orliński's Handel (although I appreciated the Avison). Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau singing the Cara sposa.

And the Furibondo spira il vento, sung by M. Orliński.

An encore: Vedrò con mio diletto from Vivaldi's Giustino