Foggy morning and no sight of the Sun rising...

But I've no doubt that Dawn in her glories was splendid, somewhere. Am smiling because, having returned from my spatiamentum and the shopping and said Prime, I turned up the volume on the laptop to be surprised by Klassikaraadio streaming the main theme of Pirates of the Caribbean composed by Klaus Badelt. Wouldn't ever have selected that myself at Spotify, ha.

Holy Mass from Saint-Eugène at 1000, the Mass of the Advent feria with commemoration of Saint Eloi, Eligius, a bishop in Aquitaine, southwestern France, in the mid-7th century. 


A recorded concert from a couple of days ago is announced here to be broadcast, streamed, on the Danish state broadcaster, Ars Nova Copenhagen directed by Paul Hillier singing Gibbons, Dunstable, et alii-- but I don't see it in the programming list so we shall see... yes, I do: the concert is titled Drømmen om England; I reckon the 'England' ought to have given me the clue. 'An English Dream' is what the Ars Nova Copenhagen site says. Alas, it begins at 1020 so I'm bound to miss some of it.

Purchased a new teapot not all that long ago and have finally figured out how much water I need to boil in order to provide precisely two glasses of tea. The irony is that my landlady collects myriads of categories of what I politely call 'lovely things'-- in other words, 'junk'. But it really isn't of course; she has, in various sizes and made of a variety of materials, two score more or less of... teapots. 

The Steller's jays are evidently otherwise occupied this morning but the scrub jays are here in force. The one just flew off with a peanut but then immediately reversed course when one of its cousins swooped in to seize one of the remaining nuts. The minds of jays are inscrutable. Here are the Steller's jays; it remains the case that they will come to the window sill whereas the scrub jays will not. 

Time for Terce and then breakfast but will 'open' the Neumz Advent calendar for today. Dr Raúl Orlando Arreguin Rosales, professor at the Pontifical Institute for Sacred Music as well as being the archivist of the Cappella Giulia at the Papal Court, discusses the antiphon Spiritus sanctus in te descendet at the Magnificat in Vespers of the First Sunday of Advent. 

Opened the first window on my own (cardboard, paper, and glitter) Advent calendar after Prime; I had to search for what seemed like ages for it (an angel blowing its trumpet, decorating the top of one of the fir trees). Sellmer Verlag managed to get it here at the end of last week.


Post Sextam. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra also has made an Advent calendar, a digitala julkalender. Today, Lars Mårtensson, who play the viola in the GSO, said a few words and played a few measures demonstrating the beauty of the viola-- "he warmly welcomes [us to the GSO] Christmas calendar and tells [us] about his family's Christmas Eve tradition". Since I know about three words of Swedish, it all went over my head but I will confess that the characteristic sounds of the Swedish language were a more than sufficient entertainment.