Am feeling much better...

But haven't eaten since midday Monday and so am a bit wonky because of that, and I can still feel an intimation of a stomach cramp occasionally-- but I imagine that this is mostly my imagination at this point. 

The plumbers are here. I am sealed in my room for 'most of the day' due to the asbestos that's been uncovered. Apparently they are having to take up the flooring in the kitchen, the hallway, and the bathroom. Eh. I hope they install a new seal beneath the toilet, ahem.

Today's a reading day, I think. Walter Savage Landor's Imaginary Conversations and then Moby Dick.

The Neumz 'Advent calendar' features Dom Jacques-Marie Guilmard of the Abbey of Solesmes reflecting on the history of Solemes and the restored glories of the Gregorian chant: 'the Liturgy must be sung', Dom Prosper Guéranger insisted. 

The final 'O' Antiphon is sung at Vespers this evening: O Emmánuel, Rex et légifer noster, exspectátio géntium, et Salvátor eárum: veni ad salvándum nos, Dómine, Deus noster, O Emmanuel, our King and Law-giver, Thou expectation of the nations and their Savior: come to save us, Lord, Our God.