Was aiming to say Matins before...

Holy Mass for the feast of Our Lady's Presentation in the Temple which turns out to begin at 0030, not midnight, but I've gotten distracted by the '24 Hours of Palestrina' that's being livestreamed on Idagio from the Augsburger Dom. It's not literally 24 straight hours of Palestrina but close enough for marketing purposes-- there are intermezzi with soloists and instrumental music and so forth and while I'm sure most of the polyphony is Palestrina's I'm not sure if all of it is.


Have come to this late; am hearing the Intermezzo IV now: four or five of the liturgical hymns sung by the magister of the Augsburger Domsingknaben, Dr Stefan Steinemann, accompanied by Jedediah Allen on cornet and Umberto Kostanic on the portable organ. The 'day' began at 1800 on the 20th and will end at 1800 tomorrow, the 21st. 

I stumbled over this article at Die Welt about the baritone Thomas Bauer and his projects et cetera-- honestly, am too sleepy to have read very closely-- at Blaibach and somehow he is the mastermind behind '24 Hours of Palestrina' (witness an uninformative post at Slipped Disc-- Dr Lebrecht is linking to an article at BR Klassik). In fact, it looks to me as if he is a member of Vokalsolisten Konzerthaus Blaibach who are singing at the moment, indeed singing Palestrina-- the Missa Je suis deshéritée. But am going to bed. One can listen to the entire 'day' at some point after the recordings get cleaned up on Idagio. 

Well, the harpsichordist Olga Watts is now performing Intermezzo III, ahem. Miss Watts and Messrs Steinemann et alii switched positions for some reason.