The feast of the Archbasilica of the Most Holy Savior, Saint John Lateran...

It's below freezing again, which is welcome; have to walk also this morning to the laboratory offices in order to have a blood draw and so it's a great morning for a bit of frosty cold, although my routine is in consequence upset-- in consequence of the additional walk, not of the fresh air. 

My routine is even more upset because the sink drains-- the bathroom sink and the kitchen sinks-- are not doing their appointed task and water, quite filthy water, is backed up into them. The toilet is flushing perfectly and there is no evidence of blockage in the tub but rather than risk creating more standing water I boiled water for my morning ablutions. The plumber should be here this afternoon.

Holy Mass from Paris later for today's feast of the Archbasilica of the Holy Savior and of St John Baptist and of St John Apostle and Evangelist at the Lateran quæ ómnium Urbis et Orbis Ecclesiárum est mater et caput, which is the mother and head of all the churches in the City and the world. 


Am sipping my first glass of tea-- sometimes it takes a bit of forced abstinence to re-appreciate this sort of simple goodness. Not that tea grown in Taiwan or China or wherever, prepared, imported et cetera is a truly simple thing. Am otherwise trying to follow the priest's homily at Mass. Fr de Labarre is a priest of the Fraternity of Saint Peter. 

A baritone or tenor voice and very clear enunciation meant that I 'got' entire phrases, which is not always the case. And his Latin is almost perfect, in the ecclesiastical pronunciation.


Post Nonam. The cat is stalking the rat but I have the sense that it wouldn't mind catching one of the squirrels instead. Am listening to an album called White Balanceincludes works by the Russian composers Nastasia Khrustcheva, Сергей Ахунов, Sergey Akhunov, and Anatoly Korolyov (whose White Balance gives its name to the CD). The Divertissement Chamber Orchestra is directed by Илья Иофф, Ilya Ioff. Am looking forward to Akhunov's Art of Allusions: prelude, an interlude, and a postlude, then four 'allusive' sections (Bach, Mozart, Pärt, and Schubert). 

It looks to me like the complete Art of Allusions is there at YouTube.

Was trying to find M. Akhunov on VK and did but then got distracted somehow to a video compilation of parts of recitals of Дмитрий Шишкин, Dmitri Shishkin, beginning at what looks to be age 5 or 6 : Good Lord, he looks so lost in some of them. It's an impossible thing to know, how much of his art is something he has embraced entirely freely and how much was the 'stage mother' involved (if indeed she was in any way a stereotypical 'stage mother': no idea, none)-- now, an adult, he obviously does what he wants to do. But then, in 1997 or 1998?