The 3rd International Early Music Festival...

Begins Saturday in Tallinn and the week-long event will see performances also in Tartu, Narva, and Puka which are presumably also in Estonia but perhaps not.  I notice this because the Klassikaraadio program I turned on after Prime is featuring excerpts of Nicola Porpora's Angelica e Medoro, 300 years old this year, performed by the Real Compañia Opera de Cámara of Barcelona, conducted by Juan Bautista Otero. But it is too early in my morning to be paying much attention--  it is a day of interruption of the routine since I have to go out the the late-opening pharmacy.

If I am reading a correctly translated version of the Estonian, Angelica e Medoro (1720) marks the first collaboration of Porpora, Pietro Metastasio, and Carlo Maria Broschi ('Farinelli').

It is the feast day today of St Elizabeth of Hungary (Introibo, CE, Wiki). There seems to have been some confusion in the historical record over the date of her death, hence her feast today rather than on the 17th which is accepted today to be her dies natalis

It's still raining, off and on, and has in fact become a bit cooler, the low 40s. Time for Terce and then a bagel, first breakfast. 


At 1100, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is performing George Benjamin's A Mind of Winter, Webern's Variations for Orchestra op 30, and Ravel's Ma mére l'Oye, with the soprano Olivia Warburton. The guest conductor is Finnegan Downie Dear. They seem to be living together in Berlin, whatever that might mean these days beyond its literal sense. The GSO program is marketed as 'Shooting Stars from England'-- I hope it isn't the transitory character of a shooting star that is meant to be emphasized. Looking forward to hearing Warburton for the first time.