Raining off and on through the night...

And it's still at it this morning. Another four hours at the dentist's office this morning (although that is the only errand of the day, at least) with the car here somewhere between 0700 and 0730 for the 0800 appointment. My mouth is still slightly not quite right after Tuesday's four hour event. The morning routine, in other words, is not only upended: it is as if the morning has disappeared altogether. Terce now, and then Sext in 45 minutes, tsk. At Saint-Eugène, Holy Mass for the First Friday at 1000, and then for the First Saturday tomorrow.

Klassikaraadio is livestreaming a concert from Tallinn featuring the violinist Simone Lamsma performing in a program of Pärt and Sibelius. I shall miss it, alas. May have a minute or two to begin reading at Dr Townsend's Friday Miscellanea while I'm out and about. 


Post Nonam. Beautiful morning and early afternoon but the rain is again impending. I haven't done much of anything I wanted to get done this afternoon, apart from making tuna salad for dinner and a coffeecake for tea later on. My teeth and jaws aren't aching, precisely, but they are feeling not quite normal-- so maybe that is 'achey'. Another session on the 13th or December 4th, perhaps. 

Off to the laboratory office Monday morning at 0730 in order to have a blood draw-- this is a semi-regular event for the benefit of the doctor so that he can make sure I'm not somehow going totally to seed by means of his medications. But indeed all is stable so this is probably a waste of time and effort, eh. And then I have to make an appointment also with the orthopaedist so that he can tell me to lose weight and exercise more and, no, we're not nearly ready to do a hip replacement; another waste of time but, again, eh-- I'm putting that off until Monday, too. 

Feel like a nap but if I nap at 1500 it will upset the night's sleep so perhaps now is time for tea. This pot will finish off the Li Shan Ying Xiang that I have; Li Shan is a mountain region in Taiwan, Formosa, and the cultivar is Ying Xiang, 'welcome fragrance'. Another virtual visit to J-Tea International (on the other side of town, in the Friendly neighborhood: it is worth the five bucks it costs to ship not to have to fuss with four buses to get over there) will have to wait for December but I've plenty of their 'Eugene Breakfast' blend on hand.

Am enjoying Gustav Uwe Jenner's chamber music; now his String Quartet no 2 in G major on the 'complete'  two CD album from 2007 recorded by Mozart Piano Quartet 'and friends'.