Rain through the night...

And it's falling now harder than in the hour before 0500; most of the noise of the water coming down at that hour was blown off the leaves by the wind. A second Friday with the day from noon onward to 1800 or so occupied by getting to and from the dentist's office and enduring yet more messing about in my mouth. Saint Didacus (whose feast it is today), pray for us! San Diego, ruega por nosotros!

The third round of the Estonian String Players Competition will begin at 0800, Holy Mass is livestreamed from 1000, and there is a concert of the Berlin Philharmonic at 1100-- Shostakovich's Symphony no 8-- so I must attend to Terce and Sext and breakfast. And I must take the trash out to the curb-- I forgot last evening. It is a good morning for oatmeal with raisins.

Was going to comment on how beautiful the sunny morning had become but it's raining again. Time for None and Vespers, and then out to the dentist's at noon.