Lovely frost this morning...

With dull grey skies and a pale yellow-white light once the Sun rose. It is predicted that the rain will return tonight. A fine walk out and about; I had to stop at the supermarket only for orange juice-- forgot yesterday, otherwise could've skipped that interruption to the beautiful new morning altogether.

The Estonian String Players Competition concert is already underway; the first two contestants are playing yesterday's Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto op 35 and Sibelius's Violin Concerto op 47. The third is performing Shostakovich's Cello Concerto in E flat major no 1 op 107. The nine finalists....

Finaali pääses 9 muusikut: viiuldajad Hans Christian Aavik, Lisanne Altrov, Linda-Anette Verte, Amanda Ernesaks ja Triinu Piirsalu, tšellistid Valle-Rasmus Roots, Siluan Hirvoja ja Greta Ernesaks ning kontrabassimängija Regina Udod.

Five violinists, two cellists, and the contrabass, double bass, player Regina Udod. 

It's the feast of the martyr Pope Saint Martin I (Catholic Encyclopedia, Wikipedia), and Holy Mass livestreamed from Saint-Eugène in Paris is at 1000. 

Haven't yet looked about to see if there is other music I ought to listen to today.


Post Vesperas. Am watching Murder Most Foul, a 'Miss Marple' film starring Margaret Rutherford, from 1964. The rooming house landlady has just told Miss Marple that Fridays and Sundays are 'bath days'. I have a pleasant vague memory of watching one of these Margaret Rutherford Marple movies-- Murder She Said, I'm fairly certain-- with my Mother, requiescat in pace