It's the third day within the Octave of All Saints...

Cool enough, perhaps 42° or 43°, with rain this afternoon. It is one of those days when I have to go out and about unusually, including to the dentist's office, for which appointment they've set aside four hours, tsk.

The one positive consequence of the French government's prohibition of public worship is that Saint-Eugène has resumed a more frequent, if not daily, livestreaming of Holy Mass. So far as I know, in the Traditional Rite today is the third day of the Octave and in the 1960 calendar (the 'Missal of '62') it is a ferial day; St.-E. is celebrating the feast of Saint Marcel, 9th bishop of Paris, whose depositio is in the Martyrology for the Kalends of November-- today is the first free day on which it can be celebrated, All Saints and All Souls being fixed on the 1st and 2nd. Canon Guelfucci explained all of this before the sermon on Sunday, I believe, but my French is too bad to keep up with such things; it reaches to occasional phrases and words and only occasionally to more than that. 

The day of the general Election here. Domine, salvum fac Patria!


The Conseil d'Etat will hear the arguments about the legitimacy of the French government's closure of the churches on November 5 beginning at 0930. A triduum of prayer!


Must begin making my final preparations to go out and about. It is pleasant to think that when I am back here, at 1800 or so, perhaps, there should be election results, or at least intimations of results, from the East Coast.


We Oregonians have decriminalised the possession of 'small amounts' of 'street drugs' which are (quoting from the Oregonian article linked; I voted against this so didn't bother to learn the details) 'heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, LSD, psilocybin, methadone and oxycodone'. I'm not sure about what constitutes a 'small amount' (a $100 ticket or the option of a 'counselling' session or two or something like that is the penalty: think, a traffic ticket)-- in many cases I reckon it won't matter because another part of the Measure reduces felony penalties for possession of larger quantities to misdemeanors. George Soros paid the campaign bills for this nonsense, tsk. Oregon, leading the Nation in euthanasia, drugs decriminalisation, and rioting and sedition....

On a more positive note, it appears at this moment that Mr Trump will win re-election.