Had to check the 'recipes' online before...

I put potatoes into the oven to bake earlier-- it has been so long that all I remembered was 'high heat'. The last couple of winters, unfortunately, I used the microwave because, well, the legitimate excuse was 'who wants to heat the oven to 425° every other day and then have it on for another hour or more'. The real reason was 'ease of use and quickness': after an entire day at work I wasn't inclined to wait ninety minutes or so for my supper. Am baking four, which will end up being two suppers and a breakfast.

Today's the feast of Pope Saint Clement, martyr (CE, Introibo,Wiki). Clement was consecrated by Saint Peter himself and was one of his first successors as Bishop of Rome. The First Epistle of St Clement to the Corinthians was in many places in the first couple of Christian centuries included in the canon of the Scriptures; these days it is disputed whether Pope Saint Clement is the actual author. Both the First and Second Epistle are in Loeb.

Have just made breakfast, interrupted by a silly Stellar's jay catching itself in between the window and the sliding storm window, tsk. It finally figured it out. It flew out toward the East, probably never to be seen again.

Chatted with the doctor earlier. The grand scheme is that these conversations be carried out via a video connection on some specialised software for physicians. Dr M. has found it to be much more efficient to simply telephone and ask for my date of birth. At this point we recognize each other's voices, I suppose. There was nothing of substance accomplished with the exception that he will renew my prescriptions. He raised the possibility of using some drug that is supposed to be useful in cases of 'pre-diabetes', Metformin is what it sounded like; I promised to exercise more and eat in a more healthy way and we were both happy to drop the subject, for now anyway. 

Am late to Terce and Mass begins in five minutes. Tsk.


The Quatuor Ébène is performing all of Beethoven's string quartets at the Philharmonie de Paris in (so far as I can tell) six concerts; today, no 3 and no 11 Serioso and after the interval no 8 Razumovsky. Tomorrow, nos 6 and 15. A very pleasant midday after a morning of upset routine. Sext first.


Post Vesperas. Have to make up my mind if I want to pursue answers in the 'is the plague vaccine morally licit?' controversy-- I am not myself going to be taking any vaccine so for me personally it is a moot point but I see good and faithful people being exercised about the question or questions and perhaps ought to have a better response at hand than 'ah, I think Fr Hunwicke wrote that it is' or 'I believe that both the Holy See's Pontifical Council for Life and the FSSPX declared that it is'. I read Fr Hunwicke's posts on the subject months ago and alas have not read the declarations of the latter two organisations. 

Some people seem quite deranged and willing to say 'no' if certain other parties say 'yes', or the other way around-- which is meaningless in terms of the moral casuistry but a pretty good indication of the terribly awful job of preaching the Faith that the reverendissimi ac excellentissimi domini have done in the last couple of generations. 

But not this evening will I wade into this. I have the blessed Rupert of Deutz on St John's Gospel at hand and P.D. James too.