A beautiful morning...

Thus far; a lovely day ahead too, I imagine, although I got to Mass at Paris for the feast of Saint John of the Cross late, tsk, because of nonsense and being scatterbrained-- 'a cheerful scatterbrained creature', Thomas Carlyle wrote of someone in his Reminiscences; I'd not be sorry to be remembered as one of those. 

I see on 'Catholic Twitter' often enough a good deal of anger and cynicism, some of which I share, certainly (we don't live during one of the Church's many 'renaissances', after all) but, good heavens above, I don't carry on in my day troubled by such emotions. I have learned (slowly!) to write 'Pax et bonum!' and disengage when encountering those people, or, more precisely, people who 'give off that vibe'-- I cannot, after all, actually know what's interior to interlocutors online otherwise unknown to me. There is a cake in the oven, done according to the timer. Tsk.

Overdone in fact but still enjoyable, I reckon.

At 1100, a program of Guillaume de Machaut on France Musique and then at 1130 two more Beethoven string quartets from Quatuor Ebène at the Philharmonie de Paris. As often happens, un embarras des richesses. The Machaut concert was performed in October by Le Miroir de musique at the Royaumont Festival. Having begun the Machaut, I'll probably continue without switching to the Beethoven. 


The Machaut concert ended with an encore-- his something or other based on the Jesu dulcis memoria of Saint Bernard. Beethoven's String Quartet no 15 in A minor op 132 now at Paris, the third movement, molto adagio, andante; he wrote on the MS, 'Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit, in der lydischen Tonart', a convalescent's holy song of thanksgiving to God, in the Lydian mode.