Today is International Music Day...

So I was told at the Chopin Institute Facebook page earlier, and I see this confirmed at Klassikaraadio. A 'Gala of Estonian Pianists' broadcast began two minutes ago and, wouldn't you know, there is a glitch somewhere: their machines, my machinae, tsk. Am restarting the laptop; sometimes if there is an issue that helps; I suspect that my machine-within-the-machine that deals with the wifi connection is working imperfectly.

It is otherwise a lovely morning, Dawn quietly filling the eastern skies with Venus still bright. Today is the feast of St Remigius, Apostolus Francorum, Saint Rémy (English Wikipedia and French).

The Rahvusvaheline muusikapäev 'Gala of Estonian Pianists' program.  



Heino Eller's Kellad is next; Clocks. And then he performed Arvo Pärt's Variatsioonid Ariinuska tervenemise puhul, 'Variations for the Healing of Ariinuska' or else 'on the Recovery of Ariinuska', from 1977. I don't know that I would ever have heard this piece had I not turned on the silly machina this morning. 



From the work's page at the Arvo Pärt Center.


Variations for the Healing of Arinushka for solo piano was composed in 1977 for the composer’s daughter Ariina who was recovering from an appendix operation. The piece contains six short variations, the first three of which are in minor key and the other three in major. They are based on a very simple theme of a rising and falling octave scale. The clear and transparent soundscape of this early tintinnabuli composition is created by the resonating overtones  and subtle use of the pedal. Variations… was first performed in Tallinn in 1977.


The Estonian of 'appendix operation' was translated as 'blind bowel operation' by Google Translate, ahem.



Post Tertiam. The awards program is very splendid with lovely trumpet fanfares and serious tributes by serious people, unlike the nonsense that attends Emmys and Oscars and Grammys etc.

The annual awards of the Estonian Music Council and the Estonian Cultural Endowment's sound art endowment will be presented at the gala concert of the Music Day. The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and ERSO will perform at the concert. The conductor is Olari Elts.


The program of music performed.


I'm sure I mixing up the concert works, their composers, and the recipients of the various awards due to my non-existent Estonian, but this is a wonderful prelude to Mahler at Gothenburg later on, at 1100, I believe. 

From Gotenburg, Haydn's Symphony no 44 Trauer and Mahler's Symphony no 4, Barbara Hannigan conducting (and singing in the fourth movement of the Mahler); she is 'in residence' at the GSO this season. Haydn-- so the story goes-- wanted the third movement at his funeral but got Mozart's Requiem instead. 



If Maestra Hannigan can sing the Mahler, I don't see how lesser conductors can get away without upping their games, somehow. Attention, Maestros Fischer, Haitink, and Thielemann!

I wonder if the violinist Valery Sokolov is a relation of Grigory? No. Valery is Ukrainian by birth.