Some variety of woodpecker...

Was quite loud earlier, who knows why: calling to its brethren, perhaps. I only ever see one out there, on the half-dead tree or the stump that are adjacent to the deck. Another overcast morning but much less fog was evident earlier when I was out and about than has been the case the last couple of days.

'I Nagu Interpreet' (the machina says 'I like interpreet', so am not sure what they're going for there) seems to be an expression meaning... am not quite sure (perhaps, 'I love performing...'). 'I as in interpreter' is a translation I've seen online.  Sten Lassmann (piano), Valle-Rasmus Roots (cello; this is evidently his work), and Katarina Maria Kits (violin) are performing together on Klassikaraadio's 'Concert Hall' Rachmaninov's Trio no 1 in G minor, Shostakovich's Piano Trio no 2 in E minor op 67, and Tchaikovsky's Piano Trio in A minor op 50. 

Later on, will listen to Marc Laforêt perform Mozart's Piano Sonata in C major K 330 and then Chopin mazurkas, waltzes, the Nocturne in D flat major op 27 no 2, and the Scherzo in B flat minor op 31 in Warsaw, as part of the masters recitals program substituted for the postponed 18th Grand Competition. 



Well, well. There are a pair of those woodpeckers outside now; they are, properly, Northern flickers. All the wooing earlier worked, perhaps. One of them is making an entirely different vocalisation than the first one, half an hour ago: sort of a squeaking door noise, back and forth, back and forth, four or five times and then silence. They flew off to the circle of trees along the property line because the sides of the cardboard box of raisins I had tried to pick up-- thinking to see if those might tempt them-- collapsed in my hand and made a loud noise as it crashed onto the table beneath the window sill (leaving me holding the plastic lid). Tsk. The jays won't touch the raisins. I expect that the dog won't be quite so particular when it returns today (if it returns today; last week, unusually, it was Wednesday).



The Shostakovich trio is lovely-- I may never have heard this performed before.