Returned yesterday to the one medication...

I'm prescribed but hadn't taken in four or five days (because I didn't get myself to the pharmacy until yesterday, tsk). In any case, I wonder if that isn't the reason why I slept soundly until 0715-- too late to catch the 0800 bus downtown. 

I shall have to telephone tomorrow to see if I ought to have notified someone today that I was going to miss Holy Mass at 0900. Saint Mary's has has to add a second Mass at 0900, in the parish center-- it is not as if there is a great lot of unused space in church, given the plague nonsense. Mass at Saint-Eugène; it is the 20th Sunday post Pentecosten but before 1955 the feast of Saint Luke Evangelist. 

There's a recital by Kate Liu in about an hour-- Handel, Chopin, Schumann-- from Warsaw. I must attend to Vespers and Benediction.

Post Tertiam. I marked my ballot and sealed it up; will drop it in the box outside the library at Sheldon Plaza in the morning. 

This Kate Liu recital is taking place in the Concert Hall of the Royal Castle at Warsaw; such a terrible tragedy befell that historic site, an instance of the woke doing their wokeness avant la lettre.