Regem cui omnium vivunt venite adoremus...

Another feria today with the Officium Defunctorum also: Come, let us adore the King in whom all who live, live-- that's the invitatorium of the agenda (although my very vague recollection-- it has been 30 years!-- is that the Carthusian office doesn't include an invitatory). 

I had not realized until earlier that Pope Francis had restored the feast of Our Lady of Loreto to the Roman Calendar-- well, I think I do now remember that I'd known this (after reading that email from the Marie de Nazareth people in France), vaguely, but I must investigate. December 10th. That date is in the Traditional Rite always going to fall within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception, so Our Lady's feast of Loreto is likewise always going to be commemorated only, with verse and prayers at Lauds and Vespers. Except at Loreto itself, I suppose.

Post Tertiam. Catching up with Leoš Janáček's opera Výlet pana Broučka do měsíce, Englished to The Excursions of Mr Broucek on BBC 3 (but it translates more literally to 'Mr Broucek's Trip to the Moon') from 2007; the first part has just finished. Unfamiliar to me but reading even the Wikipedia page about Janáček was fascinating, particularly since I know, more or less, that he was Czech and then have listened to Jenufa, Cunning Little Vixen, The Makropolus Affair, and From the House of the Dead. I don't generally 'do' opera in the mornings but this is one that I'd probably never hear otherwise.

At 1000 (I think) Klassikaraadio is livestreaming a concert of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kaisa Roose, and the flute duo MoMa. It is the opening event of the miniAFEKT Festival. I'm inclined to give Estonian contemporary music the benefit of the doubt in a way I would deny to such a festival in e.g. Austin or Berkeley. Or that Canadian place where they were so rude to the musicologist... well, I may look all that up and may not; my memory doesn't reach, not at the moment anyway. I had a screenshot of the program but 'the Canadian place' captured my mind for just long enough that I forgot all about it. Anton Webern's Variations op 30 is finished and then after the interval Hans Abrahamsen's Schnee. I haven't been bowled over by any of the pieces but, eh.

There are concerts livestreamed (1) from Vienna later on, (2) from Hamburg, (3) from Cologne, (4) from Utrecht, (5) from Munich's Herkulessaal (with Igor Levit the pianist in concertos of Stravinsky and Mozart and Bartók's Divertimento), (6) from Stuttgart (Strauss's Metamorphoses and then the pianist Jan Lisiecki in Mozart's Concerto no 22 in E flat major K 482), (7) from London, and (8) from Amsterdam, the final concert of the Dutch National Cello Competition. Count them, eight of 'em: all of them more or less at the same time. Decisions, decisions. I missed the concert performance of Metamorphoses the other day so may aim for that, with Lisiecki's Mozart, but it's entirely possible that I'll listen to the Klassikaraadio concert and then give up on the day's livestreams.

The Strauss Metamorphoses and Lisiecki Mozart, with Manfred Honeck conducting the SWR Symphony Orchestra, will begin at 1230, maybe 1330, so I can finish the Abrahamsen. It took some fussing before I found the concert page at SWR but found it I did, finally. With admirable German thoroughness, there is a downloadable program booklet.

The associations Civitas and AGRIF, inter alia, have sued at the Conseil d'Etat to have the French government's edict closing the churches after All Saints voided. It will be recalled that Conseil d'Etat did do this before, ending the earlier regime of closure. 

Manfred Honeck is a conductor I've begun to look out for.  There is an Estonian jazz musician named Janno Trump

JT Conception (formerly Trump Conception) is a ten-member groove orchestra playing at the borderlands of jazz, funk, jazzrock and world music, performing the compositions by Janno Trump.

I suppose I'll never know how it is that there are Trumps in Estonia.