Because I overslept have only now finished with the Office...

And, good heavens, it feels like it is late morning already although it's not yet 0800. 

It's the feast of the Holy Rosary of Our Lady. And, one of those happy instances when I can enthusiastically support an initiative of the Conference of Bishops, the reverendissimi ac excellentissimi domini and their bureaucratical lackeys are promoting the astounding notion that we all ought to pray the Rosary for our Nation today ('#RosaryforAmerica'). 

Noticed in the Martyrology that tomorrow (the martyrology read at Prime each day is a list of the next day's feasts) is the feast of the nativity of Saint Simeon ('Nunc dimittis servum tuum Domine secundum verbum tuum in pace...', the Gospel canticle at Compline each day). So far as I know, the only celebration of a (literal) birthday (other than of the Lord and of the Mother of God) in the Kalendarium is that of Saint John Baptist on June 24 so it is an interesting historical question whether the feast of the Nativity of Saint Simeon was ever actually celebrated in any of the churches. 

Yulianna Avdeeva is performing Chopin and then Prokoviev's Sonata no 8 in B flat major op 84 at her recital in Warsaw in a couple of hours. The cellist Quirine Viersen and pianist Thomas Beijier will be playing a concert of Poulenc, Lutosławski, and Chopin in Arnhem in the Netherlands at 2000 their time, too, which is 1100 here-- meaning that, if I've calculated correctly, there will be precisely thirty minutes when the concerts aren't underway simultaneously. Tsk. This means, probably, that I'll give up on the Arnhem broadcast altogether: there's a program of student performances at 0900 on Klassikaraadio, or I may try to make it through (at last!) Spotify's 'Discover Weekly' playlist from Monday.



The Estonian Radio news reader, at 1800 their time, thought it necessary to air an English-speaking journalist's assurance that no matter what sort of 'distancing' Mr Trump is maintaining whilst in the White House he will continue to be able to access the 'black box' of nuclear codes etc. Wish I had made a more careful mental note then. I forget that while I, personally, have written all (or 99%) of it off as the Left 'journalists' working their propaganda, the situation is perhaps not perceived in this way abroad. Poor Estonia! always over the horizon are the Russians divisions waiting for their orders. The Klassikaraadio program; the Paganini is next.



Post Sextam. Was on the telephone for almost an hour attempting to resolve a banking issue. I am assured that 'resolution' has been achieved but as yet I see no evidence of it when I look at the account information online. Patience, patience. Time for the rosary and then None and dinner. A beautiful day!