Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and the full Moon in all her glory...

Earlier: perfectly clear skies, 50° F., a lovely spatiamentum. There is 95+% relatively humidity which is aggravating but, eh, a triviality by comparison to the beauties of the day. I slept like the dead overnight, too, which is an infrequent occurence. 

The introit of today's Mass for the Holy Guardian Angels is identical to that of the feast the other day of the Archangel St Michael.



Benedícite Dómino, omnes Angeli ejus, poténtes virtúte, faciéntes verbum illíus, ad audiéndam vocem sermónum ejus.


In view of the fact that Mrs and Mrs Trump are reported to be ill, it is doubtless a good idea to pray specially to the Guardian Angel of our Nation, as well as to theirs and our own. 

Heinrich Schütz's Historia der freuden und Gnadenreichen Geburth Gottes und Marien Sohne, Jesu Christi is performed later on in the Kreuzkirche of Dresden on the first day of the Festival dedicated to him; will be broadcast on MDR

Evidently I am going to have to open every concert page in order to see if MDR will be broadcasting the concerts, tsk; I could simply trust the World Concert Hall site, I suppose. There's a concert of Schütz and Biber sontatas, cantatas, and motets tomorrow that's not being broadcast that I'd love to hear and, alas, as I look through the Festival site most of the concerts aren't broadcast-- perhaps after its conclusion, though, and I see that the final concert at Dresden will be recorded and then broadcast in the evening. 

Before proceeding to Terce, the Friday Miscellanea at Dr Bryan Townsend's The Music Salon: always interesting (as is indeed all of his work over there) and often amusing. I neglect to notice very much here because I see the posts via the feed reader which is something I get to in the afternoons, usually hours after I have done with this for the day. His series of posts on accomplishing his own compositions is enlightening-- a glimpse behind the curtains, so to say, that I wouldn't otherwise have. And he is quite perceptive about the woke nonsense and its obnoxiousness in the music world.



At this point am keeping MDR Kultur on lest I get distracted and miss the beginning of the Schütz, tsk.