It has been raining on and off during the last...

Two days but the Sun's been out in the later afternoons. I managed somehow to scratch the surface of my right eye as I was in the process of waking Saturday morning. This time it turned out quite badly and I am only this morning able to see the text here as I type, and that imperfectly still. On the positive side, also, the eye itself is much less irritated and the abrasion much less uncomfortable. 

In a more perfect world, I would have gone to Urgent Care Saturday afternoon and paid them to dose the eye with painkiller and provide me with a prescription for antibiotics. In the world as it is, well, as one might have read here on Thursday, I am waiting for today's promised delivery of the new debit card; one can't pay the Urgent Care people if one doesn't have access to funds. I would have had to walk to the nearest location of my bank, and then walk back the other way to the Urgent Care offices, and then walk back here-- the mobile telephone is off since that debit wasn't paid because of the cancelled card. The bank was open (in Albertsons) yesterday until 1500 or so and almost I went out.... but I convinced myself that the situation was improving (as indeed it has this morning).

Only now has it occured to me that perhaps UPS isn't making deliveries today on account of the Columbus Day holiday. 

And why have I trusted the USBank woman's assurance that the new card would arrive today, anyway, even were it not a holiday? Those people just spent five days last week being not very forthcoming. Tsk. 

I ought to have gone downtown Thursday afternoon and collected a temporary debit card at the bank, I suppose. On the other hand, I don't really care that there are four as-yet-unpaid debits-- those corporations won't be much bothered, there are no late fees involved, I talk on the telephone on average of 20 minutes a month-- and what were the chances that I'd have an eye incident in the four (or five) days without access to the bank account?  

I suppose I ought to have a second bank account with a card attached to it for occasions such as this. Or else keep more than $23 cash on hand. Or.... My eyes are aching so will stop. I suppose I really ought to keep a list of dates when the recurring debits happen, ahem.