Fog again this morning...

Although my spatiamentum and the shopping were uneventful. Just now noticed one of the jays do an about-face, whirling around in a complete circle, like a helicopter, just above the surface of the grass-- an impressive feat made slightly ridiculous because the bird went from facing one peanut on the ground to the second peanut that landed immediately behind it. Instinct presumably told it to flee when it felt or heard the falling object but in a split second it realized 'the danger' was only a second nut. It flew off with the first one.



This is from the Guardian's article this morning about 'Mozart's violin' and the Vienna Philharmonic violinist Christoph Koncz.

Unusually, the violin itself, unlike the violin Koncz normally plays, a Stradivarius from 1707, has not been modernised in order to adapt them to become higher volume so they could be played with bigger orchestras in ever larger halls.

I take the sense, I reckon, but, good heavens above, the G. must no longer employ copy editors, or not a sufficient number of them, or they are too often drunk at work; who knows. I wonder if Dr Townsend noticed this in today's Friday Miscellanea-- I suppose not since he can scarcely write and assemble all of that interesting stuff already this morning. 

Am listening in half an hour or so to a live broadcast on Klassikaraadio of a concert in Tallinn. 




Have to laugh, because just yesterday on Twitter I made a comment having noticed that the principal harpist for the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is a man (I'd never seen such a well-respected ensemble with a male harpist-- the statistic seems to be that 95% are women); the harpist in this concert is also a man, the Spaniard Iván Bragado Poveda. He's been principal harpist in the Estonian National Symphony since last year.