Am beginning the day's music with Bach's Cello Suite no 1...

Performed by Paolo Pandolfo in his arrangement for viola da gamba. Sometimes it seems that there can be nothing more lovely than what one is listening to at the moment-- I suppose that is a common enough occurence. 




Although that is not quite true, about it being the first music of the day, because I sang Iam lucis orto sidere, the hymn at Prime, having this side of the house to myself, the landlady being absent at her workplace. But since 'croaked' is perhaps the better verb.... I tried Rex gloriose martyrum at Lauds but that was a non-starter, and I'm loath to turn the prayer of the Office into my fussing about with my singing. When I first retired from the business of work at the job I had in mind to rehearse the day previous each Office hymn; it hasn't worked out quite that way, I'm afraid-- 'it hasn't worked out' as if some other actor is living here next to me, pft.

It is again foggy and in the low 50s, as will often be the case between now and May. Mr Trump has returned to his tweeting, so presumably he is in fact not dying. 

The 18th International Chopin Competition was to have been held this year but due to the plague was postponed to next (will they do the 19th in 2025, as would've been the proper year, or wait until 2026?)-- evidently, the Chopin Institute has organized a series of recitals, underway this week int Warsaw, in the place of the Grand Competition. I missed Nelson Goerner's performance yesterday, alas.


In a couple of hours, Lukas Geniušas is performing Chopin mazurkas and the Ballade in G minor op 23 and the Rachmaninov Sonata no 1 in D minor op 28

I signed up last evening to buy the (London) Times for $11 a month (although I hope that I read that the first month is free: this may be, however, a case of my 'wish being father to that thought'...) in order to read the article they published yesterday about the accusations that Cardinal Becciu had sent hundreds of thousands of euros to unnamed Australians to stitch up Cardinal Pell. Am not going to do the same at La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera (reports behind paywalls there are what the Times article is based on); not to indulge in any slurs against the Italians and their business practices but, well, I've taken access at the Times before and know I can cancel when it's promised that I can cancel.