A recital of Beethoven sonatas later on...

But on this overcast and damp morning I have had my routine upset and so will probably discover, too late, that I could have watched and listened to untold splendors at some previously unheard of venue. Eh. Cherubini's Requiem in D minor.

Post Sextam. I finally fried that chicken earlier. Good heavens, the size of the breasts! I felt it best to cut them into halves before breading them, and could have cut them into thirds. My memory may be playing tricks on me but I don't at all recall, from 2009, that the chicken pieces then were as large as these today. It is not a rapid process, either, the frying; I get used to two or maybe three minutes in the microwave and that's that. 

Have beaned the squirrel on its nose twice with peanuts thus far and in this case I know it is 'the squirrel', the same one each time. It seems to bear no grudge for these assaults. 

Am listening to Marek Pasieczny's Concerto for Guitar and String Orchestra, at Dr Townsend's recommendation, here. The recording at YouTube features AUKSO, the Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy.