A gentle shower followed me...

Along after the midpoint of my morning spatiamentum-- and it was quite pleasant. In those circumstances, in the half-light of the new day under a heavy cloud cover, my eyesight seems perfectly normal. Trying to see the small text on a computer monitor, it's not so good. 

Still. Will put off a visit to the doctor until the morning: if 'normality' is not returned by then, Saturday morning's abrasion at that point being some 96 hours past, I'll make the trip over there. So long as there is nothing gone wrong more than a scratch, there's not a thing the doctor can do, in any case, except give me antibiotics against a potential infection. As it is, I am applying sterile eye drops every couple of hours. Perhaps I ought to look in the bathroom mirror and see if the bloodshot appearance is less bad than when last I looked, Sunday evening.

At 0900 my time, and if I've done the calculations properly, Polish Radio 2 is broadcasting a concert of the Sinfonietta Cracovia, under the direction of Jurek Dybal, performing Beethoven's Große Fuge op 133 (arr Felix Weingartner) and his String Quartet in F minor op 95, as well as Krzysztof Penderecki's Sinfonietta no 3. 

At 1100, France Musique broadcasts string quartets of Ravel and Dutilleux along with Chausson's Concerto for Violin, Piano, and String Quartet, performed by the Diotima Quartet and Augustin Dumay, violin, and Selim Mazari, piano.

Well, it's time for Terce, anyway: the Sinfonietta Cracovia concert starts at 1000.  



Wonder if I've missed much in the news since Saturday. I looked at headlines yesterday and have moved the laptop screen some eight inches closer to my eyes this morning. Hmm. The squirrels seem not to mind when I manage (quite by accident!) to hit them in the head with the tossed peanut. The jays flutter about for a second. 

Henri Dutilleux's string quartet Ainsi la nuit was splendid on France Musique. 



Now Ernest Chausson's Concerto is ending, with the accompaniment of a gentle rain. Am sure I've not listened to this before.



Ante Vesperas. I've moved the laptop to its usual position and can still read the text as I type it; progress indeed. There is an incipient ache in the eye, however, so I won't indulge too much of my nonsense here. Mr Trump is kissing babies and Mr Biden, 17 points ahead according to the headline at the Guardian, addressed twenty invited guests at Union Terminal, there are an increased number of cases of the plague in Europe, Judge Barrett is dealing with nonsense at the Senate. I really didn't miss too much over the weekend.