41° outside this morning...

And while I have not yet put on my sweater I probably will before much longer. Dawn was beautiful and so I expect a day full of sunlight. 

It is the feast of Saint Teresa of Ávila, Virgin and Doctor of the Church (thanks to Paul VI), foundress of the Discalced Carmelites, mystical theologian, who died on this day, the Ides of October, in 1582. The Office has two proper hymns for the feast, Regis superni nuntia for Matins and Vespers and Haec est dies qua candidae for Lauds, written by the liturgical innovator Pope Urban VIII, Maffeo Barberini ('quod non fecerunt barbari, fecerunt Barberini', what the barbarians didn't do, the Barberini did-- the saying referred to the massive expenditures on buildings etc in Rome by the Barberini pope and his family and the re-use of materials from ancient structures).

Have turned the heater on. 

Klassikaraadio is broadcasting, later on, a concert performed by-- surely there are not many like it in the Western world-- the Estonian Politsei-ja Piirivalveorkester, the Police and Border Guard Orchestra, conducted by Hando Pöldmäe, featuring the Estonian premiere of Eino Tamberg's Concertino for Trumpet and Wind Instruments op 129 (I see nothing about this work at either the English Wiki page or the Estonian), the premiere of Pärt Uusberg's Suite of Traditional Dances (he seems to be-- and in Estonian-- one of those rare conductors who is also an actor), and new work of six students at the Academy of Music and Theater in Tallinn. 

Maestro Uusberg directs the Chamber Choir Head Ööd, Vend, which has to be one of the most amusing music names. It means 'good morning, brother'-- the conductor's brother does choral pedagogy et cetera... the detailed story can be read over there. Aren't Oods in the imaginarium of Doctor Who? They are; I thought I recognised that word.



At 1100, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is performing a concert of Mendelssohn (the Violin Concerto in E minor) and Tchaikovsy (his Symphony no 4 in F minor). A lovely morning indeed! 



Don't recall having listened much to Santtu-Matias Rouvali, the GSO's principal conductor; his voice is amusing, it sounds as if he has taken some helium to help along with his imperfect English. Andreas Lindahl, the interviewer, has good but not perfect English, and the both of them together ended up talking about Maestro Rouvali's black shirt (which he wears instead of the tails he doesn't like). And it doesn't show the sweat so much-- the Finns' notions of what is polite conversation is perhaps a bit different from some other people's; I'm sure he'd impress the masses here in Eugene.

Elina Vähälä is the violinist in the Mendelssohn Concerto; she plays a Guadagnini from 1780.

Post Vesperas. A lovely end to a splendid day. Am listening to The Gondoliers, a recording from 1977 featuring Glynis Prendergast, Caroline Baker, and Meston Reid-- unfortunately, am not familiar with those folks or any of the rest of the cast.