White skies this morning...

Fog or cloud or smoke, who knows; the local newspapers say that the 'situation' is better, some evacuations have been ended etc etc. I'm getting tired of the smoke but I suppose that is a trivial concern in the light of everything else that goes on. 48° F. now, a high of 70 later on: this makes me happy. 



Am walking out to the bus stop in an hour or so in order to make Holy Mass at 0900, so I slept through the livestream from Saint-Eugène at 0200 and will miss Vespers, too. Tsk.

Should be back for the live broadcast of Beethoven Symphonies nos 8 and 9 conducted by Adam Fischer in Copenhagen. Lukas Geniušas is the recitalist in the Sunday series at Żelazowa Wola, Chopin's birthplace, from the Chopin Institute; will listen to that after I get back (it is already at YouTube-- noon there being at 0300 or maybe even 0400 my time; all I know for certain is that here I'm nine hours behind Paris). I must say Prime, then shower etc, and afterward get to Terce.

The Geniušas recital.



And first Vespers of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Someone hasn't pushed the proper buttons so the video isn't up at YouTube yet.

I was grateful for the warmth of the bus this morning-- first time for that since February or March.

The mezzo Romina Basso is singing Giacomo Carissimi's Lamento in morte di Maria Stuarda from the Schlosskirche at Bayreuth, together with Latinitas Nostra, who are Markellos Chryssicopoulos (harpsichord), Andreas Linos (viola da gamba) and Theodoros Kitsos (theorbo). Also to be sung are works by Luigi Rossi, Barbara Strozzi, and Francesco Provenzale; am listening via Bayreuth Baroque Festival's Facebook page. They have been singing this program for several years, it seems.