The other day, at the house of the lavender...

That I pass each day when I'm out for my morning spatiamentum, the householder (I presume) had put the yard waste bin out to be emptied by the trash people: it contained a sheaf of plant stalks from one of which I detached the... it really is pathetic that I don't know enough about flowering plants to have a word handy... head? (I titled it "dried seed pod" when I saved the file.) It seems quite dessicated already (we have had a long Summer with many actually hot days and evenings). There was a flower, surely, which doubtless I'd recognize if I saw it (not that I could give it its proper name) but absent the blossom, I can't visualize it just by seeing this, which is exceptionally beautiful in its own right, like an urn carved out of ivory, not that the mobile telephone camera photograph does it any justice. 



I took a second one apart, breaking off the 'lid'-- the brown papery stuff inside must be the seeds. I wonder why the pod seemed unwilling to give up the seeds; I'd have thought, as dry as it is, that the 'lid' would have detached easily from the pod.



I need to clean the dust and sugar from the keyboard and desk, I guess.