The most interesting article at the Guardian earlier...

Was the one in which we were instructed that we need to be very careful to maintain our dual-flush toilets properly, because they are otherwise prone to leaking thus defeating their purpose. I don't think I've ever seen one of them although I've seen plenty of leaky toilets. 

It is the feast of the Dedication of St Michael Archangel (i.e. the dedication of the basilica of St Michael) in the Traditional Rite, and of the Archangels Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael in the Novus Ordo. This represents one of the relatively few occasions when the modernists' messing about with the Sacred Liturgy didn't make a great lot of practical difference, in the sense, I mean, that the Traditional Mass and Office are more or less 'of the one Holy Archangel and all the others, too'. Holy Mass is livestreamed later on, at 1000, from Saint-Eugène. 

There's an organ recital by Thierry Escaich being broadcast direct from the Radio France studios and a broadcast also of the Vienna Philharmonic's concert in May at the Schönbrunn Palace, an annual event, on the Estonian Klassikaraadio. So far as I can tell both of these will happen while I'll be following the Mass, eh. 


Since the Vienna Philharmonic concert is at YouTube anyway that inconvenience is resolved.

Had a 'conversation' on Twitter with the author, Cara Giaimo, of this article that's at the Times today, about the mating habits of a species of reptile in California. I hadn't known that 'prurient' could be used to mean 'excessively curious', without any suggestion of sex in whatever way, so when her use of it caught my eye I looked it up in the Dictionary. My original tweet was an attempt at cleverness but the fact is that Miss Giaimo had imbued a spirit of humorous innuendo throughout the essay so my own effort was rather dim. 

In any event, it is good to be reminded that not everyone there is a craven propagandist. She is a freelance writer and used to be at or write for Atlas Obscura, which has become, since I read there, a 'destinations' site for travellers; the responsible parties needed to monetize their site somehow, I reckon. Reading the page at Wikipedia-- the name Dylan Thuras is familiar-- I wonder if I simply missed, those years ago, that the purpose was to facilitate travel. 

At Saint-Eugène, the Schola will sing the blessed Adam of Saint-Victor's prose or sequence Laus erumpat ex affectu for the feast but at Communion (strictly speaking of course one isn't supposed to be inserting sequences not in the Missal before the Gospel) and Rabanus Maurus's hymn Christe, sanctórum decus Angelórum from Lauds at the Offertory at the incensation of the altar. 

The prose concludes with this strophe: Membris sit concordia /Capitique gloria. Glory be to the divine Head and amongst His members peace and harmony.

No livestreamed Mass for St Michael's feast, alas; some technical glitch or another. Tsk. On the positive side, I'll be able to listen to the Escaich organ recital.