The local newspaper, the Register-Guard...

Does try, regularly, to persuade me to buy a subscription. I probably would, if my income in retirement were an order of magnitude larger than it is. It is 0635, however, and online all of the headline news articles are from yesterday evening, not even updated since: one reason why I don't give them money. Their news about everything other than Eugene area activities comes straight from the Times or other news services-- not good in se and evidence that their Gannett masters invest not a single penny in providing subscribers with product that itsn't also available elsewhere (I'm currently having the Times online for $4 per month, which 'deal' they have made available to me twice now, for over two years' duration; the 'Red Guard' wants $8 per month). Am irritated because I've lost the fires map that I'd had sitting on the laptop for a couple of days, tsk. 

Dr Eleanor Parker's latest letter to her followers (her Patreon site) is about September, "the holy harvest month'', Haligmonaþ.  

This is the name Bede gives as the equivalent for September in his list of the months used by the Anglo-Saxons before their conversion to Christianity.... Though Bede provides explanations for some of the Old English month names, for Haligmonaþ he says very little, and doesn't offer any explanation for why this month should be thought 'holy'. All he does is give a Latin translation, mensis sacrorum, ‘month of sacred rites’. Possibly he didn't really know what these holy rituals might have consisted of, and didn't want to guess!

Or didn't want to perpetuate the memory of them. The curious must give the good and erudite magistra a couple of dollars each month. I see that she is writing these days, at least occasionally, for the Catholic Herald. 

The aria Ama chi t'odia, sung by Sophie Junker, from Leonardo Vinci's Gismondo re di Polonia, which is streamed online from somewhere today (that's all I recall at the moment); I have the Hofoper's page for Elektra found and all ready to go.


And from the same opera the aria Bella pace, sung by Max Emanuel Cencic.



Both are clips from this video recording of the entire opera.



Now I will go see where it is that I'm headed to for Gismondo later on. At Bayreuth, at about 0900, on BR Klassik.

An embarras de richesses today-- the Chopin Institute does a Saturday series of recitals in additon to the Sunday one that I knew about. I know that this will be available later and after today on their YouTube channel so may listen to the Tomasz Marut recital this evening. Saturday post Sextam. At some point I realized that yesterday wasn't today-- when M. Marut did perform Chopin (lovely! it was)-- but, eh, I reckon there's no need to rectify the text here. Tsk; I get confused: no news there.

It never fails to amuse me, the careful weighing that the jays do before choosing a nut. First one? no. Second? no. Third? perhaps-- it held it in its beak for a moment longer than the first and second ones. But then he flew off with the first one. 

Gismondo and Elektra are being broadcast concurrently, tsk.