Missed the Ember Day Mass from Saint-Eugène...

Which was at 0200, not at 1000, because it's Saturday of course: they cannot rearrange the entire rota of their parish Masses on Sundays and Saturdays to facilitate my ease of access to the Traditional Rite Masses, obviously, and if I weren't as forgetful as I am I would have recalled this from Quarter Days and feast days past.



Am in this hour post Primam listening to yesterday's Estonian National Symphony Orchestra concert (Kreek, Penderecki, Mozart, Schubert, and the premiere of the new version of Pärt's La Sindone). I ended up not, yesterday afternoon. I believe that this is a different recording from the one I included yesterday.





Post Tertiam. I see that the 'official party line' at the New York Times-- am going to do the crossword and Spelling Bee in a couple of minutes-- is that Mr Trump is so obviously losing to Mr Biden that today's nomination of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court is best understood as a last ditch attempt to wrest victory from the jaws of the defeat; something Bulwer-Lytton-ish like that. I didn't actually read Maggie Haberman's statement of position. I may watch the nomination announcement-- not from any great desire to listen to Mr Trump, ahem, but I believe that the nominee's family is usually present at these events? If so, it will be the first time anyone beyond those who actively follow political nonsense realize that the Barretts' have... adopted children.

Am listening to and sometimes watching the Berlin Philharmonic at 1000, Mozart's Piano Concerto no 27 in B flat major K 595 and Schumann's Symphony no 1. Francesco Piemontesi is the pianist in the Mozart. Maestro Lahav Shani, Zubin Mehta's successor at the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, makes his conducting debut. Then at lunch time there is the Saturday recital from Zelazowa Wola; the pianist is Maciej Wota. I can't find the upper case Z with the proper diacritical mark on the Polish keyboard so am overlooking its absence henceforward.