John Philip Sousa on Estonian Radio...

This morning; later on a live broadcast of a concert featuring the premiere of a new version of Arvo Pärt's La Sindone. The last half hour's rain shower seems to be done. Friday Ember Day, in the 1960/1962 Rite, so Holy Mass from Paris in a couple of hours. 

On the occasion of Arvo Pärt's 85th birthday, a new version of La Sindone will be premiered in Estonia, dedicated to the composer's long-time creative friends Vadim Repin and Andres Mustonen. The concert will feature the Siberian-born world's top violinist Vadim Repin, who won [his] first competition at the age of 11 and made his debut at the Carnegie Hall in New York at the age of 15. Vadim Repin plays Antonio Stradivar[i]'s instrument from 1733, which belonged to Emperor Napoleon's personal violinist Pierre Rode.

Andres Mustonen (no relation of the Finn Olli Mustonen, evidently) will conduct the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra in Tallinn. Kreek, Schubert, Bruch, and Penderecki in addition to the Pärt.



Why have I never heard any of the works of Giovanni Battista Viotti? Am listening to his Violin Concerto no 22 in A minor G 97 (the Wikipedia article says 'it is still very frequently performed, especially by advanced student players') and it is quite appealing. I catch the whiff of revolution about the fellow, however, which can never be a good thing.



Ante Sextam. Holy Mass prevented me from listening to the Pärt et alii concert live (except for five minutes of applause at its end) so will listen to the recording later. 

Back to Viotti and the Times, of which I shall probably read very little today but will maybe do the crossword and definitely do Spelling Bee (the Times's version of 'Jumble'). I work at Spelling Bee until I reach 'genius' level and then stop.

Ante Vesperas. For some reason, Saint-Eugène hasn't yet posted this morning's video of Holy Mass yet. Glitches, one supposes. Rain in the air although not much of it at present. The Internet is full of reports that Mr Trump will in fact nominate Judge Barrett to the High Court tomorrow. We shall see; as I wrote somewhere on Twitter, who knows how she will 'grow' on the Court but it is reasonably certain that she's bound to make a better justice than anyone Mrs Harris would nominate.