It has been a fortnight since...

I went to Holy Mass downtown on Sunday and that was principally because of Holy Cross and not the Sunday in se, tsk (and the Sunday before was closest to my Mother's birthday, when I keep her anniversary); am trying to get back into the routine, however, so shall go this morning. Am listening (at last! one thing and then another yesterday afternoon...) to Maciej Wota's Saturday recital at Zelazowa Wola this morning, and will listen to Joanna Ławrynowicz's Sunday recital at lunchtime. I may as well add the video now while I have YouTube open.


The video recording of Mass at Saint-Eugène for the feast of St Thérèse de l'Enfant Jésus. Because she is co-patron of France (together with St Jeanne d'Arc) the Mass of the 17th Sunday post Pentecosten is commemorated. 



On Sundays when I go out for Mass, at least Vespers from Saint-Eugène 'happen' here, recorded though they be, at the normal Vespers time and not before 0900. 



Ante Nonam. I will say that Patrick Süskind's Perfume as a novel is much better than either the television series or the Tom Tykwer movie. I preferred the series to the movie: my presumption is that much of the acclaim that the latter received was due to what's his name's performance, gaunt stupid boys being fashionable in certain circles.