Am reading P.D. James and...

Drinking a second cup of coffee; a beautiful day. Am diffidently attempting to listen to a recital in Milan by Benedetto Lupo that will include Scriabin's Preludes op 11-- I don't believe I've ever heard a live performance of them, only recordings. At noon, if I figured the time conversion accurately. 

Have been listening to an album from a couple of years ago, Baroque arias sung by Theophile Alexandre, Monteverdi, Handel, Porpora, Vivaldi and so forth, chiefly because I'd not heard of him. He also dances. I suppose; why not. Am not rushing over to Presto Classical to buy the CD. 

Who am I thinking of? another fashionable countertenor who does... breakdancing. And raps. All well and good if he maintains his voice; I will admit to what may be simple prejudice: I don't see how that nonsense can be anything other than inimical to the professional countertenor voice. Orliński, Jakub Jósef. 

 I don't have an issue with an artist who wants to play outside of whatever is her or his standard repertoire but I sometimes get the impression that it is the public relations agent doing the programming and upon this I frown.



No idea what that is about. It is the only Orliński item for 2020 at Spotify, after two albums in 2018 and one in 2019: I reckon the plague nonsense has to be factored into the calculations. 

It is predicted to reach 91° F. at the end of the day. Probably that means 93 or 94 in fact. 100 tomorrow. Am quite over the summer heat, frankly.


Post Sextam. Such a pity that the only aria from Handel's Amadigi di Gaula HWV 11 that people hear is Pena tiranna.  

Pena tiranna
io sento al core,
né spero mai
trovar pietà;
amor m'affanna
e il mio dolore
in tanti guai
pace non ha.
Woe unrelenting rules over my heart, and I have no more hope of finding peace; Love leaves me breathless, and my sorrow in such troubles knows no peace.


And Mr Orliński. 




The entire opera. 



Post Vesperas. Have been contentedly reading for much of the afternoon but realized a few minutes ago that it had become unnaturally dark outside. It is quite breezy and overcast with smoke, as it turns out; there have been advisories and warnings on the mobile, eh. I must have the sound notifications turned off. I hope the neighbors are not carelessly cooking outdoors.