91% relative humidity does not add to the pleasantness...

Of my morning spatiamentum but it is overcast and barely 60° F. so it didn't make it unpleasant; 70 and 91% would be unpleasant. 

I know very little about Judge Lagoa and a few facts about Judge Barrett; I don't see ACB giving us the nonsense that came from the Supreme Court last term, so will welcome her confirmation. Some people are criticizing this and that decision she's taken (the Twitter writer at Rorate Caeli says that these people are 'the same ones who gave us David Souter' or words to that effect) but am not going to bother to follow all of it since from my little room here am not going to be involved in the confirmation debates. 

Judge Lagoa has been on the Court of Appeals only since December, and it looks to me that in the one case important enough to be noted at that well-respected constitutional law site Wikipedia she voted on the side of the angels (and Judge Pryor). She, like ACB, seems to be a practicing Roman Catholic (although in Florida this doesn't necessarily mean what it does in Indiana) etc etc. 

I hope Mr Trump nominates Judge Barrett for the presently vacant seat on the High Court (Sohrab Ahmari makes the case) but Judge Lagoa will be a great nominee after she's had a few years more experience on the Appeals Court.

A recording of a concert at St John's Church in Tallinn in September 2017 by the Tallis Scholars (a birthday tribute to Maestro Pärt) will be broadcast on Klassikaraadio later on: Pärt, Tallis, Jean Mouton, John Sheppard. The pieces in the program are all recorded on their album Tintinnabuli from 2015.



Just finished breakfast, late, because I fussed about with putting a coffee cake into the oven. The Danish String Quartet is playing Mozart, Shostakovich, Purcell, and Britten from Copenhagen.