Yet another beautiful Dawn...

With temperatures later on in the 80s, not 90s: as perfect a day as one could want. 

It's the feast of Saint Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux and Doctor Ecclesiae. Let's see how copying from the online version of Blessed Ildefonso's Liber Sacramentorum works.

A truly heroic figure, Bernard was at once a reformer of monastic life, a preacher of the Crusade, a Doctor of the Universal Church, a worker of miracles, a peace-maker between kings, princes and peoples, the oracle of Popes, and the champion of the Roman See against schisms and heresies. The mortal frame of the saint, consumed by penance and by sickness, could scarcely contain his soul on fire for the glory of God. This fire communicated itself to those around him ; his secretaries had difficulty in recording the numerous miraculous cures which he worked by the touch of his hand, or simply by a blessing, 


St Bernard indeed several times refused the proffered episcopal dignity. His work as a Doctor was carried out largely within the enclosure of his own Abbey, where he constantly preached to the monks, commentating on the Scriptures. This aspect of Bernard’s activity is entirely in keeping with the Rule of St Benedict, in which the monastery is regarded as a Dominici schola servitii, in which the abbot should ever be active in imparting spiritual knowledge to his monks.

St Bernard's sermons do indeed repay the effort taken to read them, many times over. 

This link is to the antiphon for Lauds, Bernardus doctor mellifluus, at Neumz. It may be that it is working for me since I've got an account; but it's worth a try, if any reader might be interested in listening.

In about half an hour-- Austrian Radio has a very user-friendly interface that counts the progress of their programs minute by minute-- I'll be able to listen to the live broadcast of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde, performed by the ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien (presumably why ORF Ö1 has the broadcast opportunity) conducted by Kent Nagano, featuring Tanja Ariane Baumgartner (she sang the role of Clytemnestra in Strauss's Elektra, if I recall correctly) and Piotr Bezcala. Till Fellner, pianist, performs Arnold Schönberg's Sechs kleine Klavierstücke op 19, too. 

Post Tertiam. I misread 1930 for 1730-- no idea how I managed this feat-- so Salzburg has to wait a couple of hour still. Tsk. 

Ante Sextam. It was a lovely performance... that was recorded on Friday the 14th, ahem.

Later on, Arte will make available today's concert of Martha Argerich and Renaud Capuçon-- I didn't get out of bed to listen so must wait, tsk. Beethoven, Franck, and Prokofiev.

I reckon I ought to point out that these concerts are from Salzburg.