While the Moon and Venus were aflame in the eastern skies...

At 0300ish, by the time I finished Lauds at 0330 or so a veil had been cast over them and now, when I've returned from my spatiamentum and the day's shopping, the sky is solidly overcast. Perhaps we will have a second rainy day in little over a week. The jays look to have enjoyed their morning repast (I mean, I can see that a third or half of the sillful of peanuts has vanished) while I was out but now that I'm back and the blind is raised (it not being sunny) they are keeping their distance. 

'Wake', in the sense of the trail, as it were, left by a boat in the water, or ("anything compared to the wake of a vessel"-- I have the Dictionary open) in the air by the passage of a large vehicle-- where is that from, I wondered, when I was walking earlier. The wake of a large garbage collection truck was quite strong, and in its malodorousness, too. 

Not found before the 16th cent., but possibly much older; either directly or mediately < Old Norse (*vaku ) vǫk strong feminine, vaka weak feminine, hole or opening in ice. The Old Norse word was probably applied to the path made for itself by a vessel through ice, and from this use the sense ‘trace or track of a vessel in the water’ may have been developed by Scandinavian navigators in British seas....

I'd never have guessed that.

There are livestreamed concerts from Berlin, Copenhagen, and somewhere in the Netherlands today but none of those programs strike my fancy so I will return, toward midday, to Polskie Radio's Channel Two and the Chopin Festival at... ha, I cannot find the nominative form of the name, w Dusznikach Zdroju, which is perhaps the accusative or ablative, and I saw the genitive somewhere on the site. Duszniki-Zdrój or just Duszniki.

Philippe Giusiano is performing works of Chopin and Ignatius Felix Dobrzyński, including this piece, recorded by Arthur Rubinstein.




The Times and the Guardian are about each as bad as the other in their fawning over Mrs Harris this morning. I see that Twitter is enjoying a controversy over whether the Times's coverage of the Harris nomination is more or less what it was of the Pence nomination. How could it be? She is a Senator, a POC who can be called 'black', a woman who can be called a 'feminist'-- no chance that there is an equivalence. If the point is that they are going to give Mrs Harris adulatory forests of free publicity whereas they didn't do that for Mr Pence, well, well, sure. 

I will try not to repeat this (again) but if Mr Trump manages to win in November, I will figuratively explode with a certain malicious pleasure at the discomfiture of the progressive media outlets.