Venus was brilliant in the morning sky...

And the humidity is fairly low but I see that somewhere in the 90s is the destination this evening, tsk.

As I always do, I skimmed the headlines of the front page of the Times; it is often the science (or, 'science-y') articles that I actually read.

Good for the beetle, I guess. It's a pretty useful skill to have, being able to crawl out of your predator's vent: had I paid more attention in Mrs Theskin's 8th grade science class when we were forced to dissect frogs I might better understand how the trick is accomplished. Probably not.

The Blogger people had, I thought, finished their fussing about with the user interface here: a new set of buttons here on the window where one types one's profundities, and then the option to return to the old version to continue to use it. Fair enough, but I'm seeing the old nonsense now without having opted to leave the new version, which I rather liked.

The landlady has found another tenant, whose rent will make her financial life a bit easier. He is "a friend of a friend, from Texas". I didn't ask any questions although I have speculated about how she may have ensnared some poor immigrant from Texas into renting that room here in Oregon. He shares his Christian name with a celebrity singer of 'Country music'.

Am listening to the one album of The Killers that I'm familiar with; I was disconcerted to see that it was issued in 2004, which would have been more or less when I last listened: 17 years ago. This uncharacteristic behavior is due to having glanced at a headline at the Guardian that implied (I believe) that one of the Killers sexually assaulted someone in the last decade. Tsk. Made it through two minutes of the first track and all of Mr Brightside, and that will be it, although as it happens I recognize the third song, too, somehow. I think I must have been listening to the radio back in those far off days.