This is the hymn at Lauds in the monastic rite...

For the feast of Saint Bernard, whereas the Traditional Rite utilizes Jesu corona celsior (from the Common, for confessors not bishops)-- the dates when these were incorporated into the respective books, however, I don't know.  




There is an English version in the monastic diurnal I've got (from Farmborough) but I cannot add that here without typing it in by hand and that's not going to happen. I will say that we are very far from the hymns of Ambrose and Prudentius, and can hear in it (as indeed in aspects of Saint Bernard's preaching) the embryonic premonitions of the breathless sentimentality of the worship of the Most Sacred Heart.

Dr DiPippo examines a mediaeval hymn for Vespers of the Saint, according to the Cistercian Use, at the New Liturgical Movement site today.