The work began yesterday on repair...

Of the great organ of Notre-Dame in Paris: it has to be disassembled, cleaned, and then re-installed, prepared, tuned (the link is to Le Parisien; the Guardian's article); it's going to take 5 months just for the disassembling of the instrument. People seem to be hoping that it should be ready in 2024.  Olivier Latry, who has been one of the three titulaires de grand orgue de Notre-Dame since 1985, plays Bach.

And this is M. Latry improvising at the end of Mass.

It is the feast of the Invention of Saint Stephen Protomartyr, inventio meaning 'finding' i.e. it is the anniversary of the discovery, in the early 5th century, of the relics of Saint Stephen in Jersualem. St Augustine, in Civitate Dei, 22.8, relates some of the miracles attributed to the Protomartyr's intecession, including a healing of a bad case of haemorrhoids. As late as 1770 one could write,

He was seized... with a fit of the gout and the emerods at the same time.

I think I prefer the word emerod-- it is from the French-- to haemorrhoid. 'Piles', I enjoy that term, too.


More often than not these days I find myself bored of politics both ecclesiastical and temporal but the gathering campaign to let Mr Biden escape from debating Mr Trump is (while, in the one perspective, very amusing) reprehensible.

I knew when I saw the headline on Elizabeth Drew's essay at the Times early this morning that Dr Althouse would be posting about it, as indeed she has done.
... If we know that Biden must debate Trump but he does not, then we should infer that Biden's people knew that Biden was in no condition to debate Trump. That's information that we should use when we vote: The Democratic Party is asking us to vote for a person who lacks the mental capacity to serve as President! And yet, you know as well as I do, that many people will argue that we should vote for him anyway!