The feast of Saint Louis IX, King and Confessor was...

The other day, the 25th. Only yesterday evening discovered this recording of Darius Milhaud's Saint Louis, King of France



This seems to be a recording from the radio broadcast itself on 18 March 1972 of the performance of the RAI Chorus and Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Armando La Rosa Parodi.

I had no idea that Darius Milhaud composed this 'opera oratorio'-- I associate his name with Les Six and modernism but am not at all familiar with his work.



Am listening to the Berlin Philharmonic's first concert of the season; Brahms's Symphony no 4 in E minor op 98. I missed the first part: Schönberg's Verklärte Nacht. 

I had forgotten about this concert, although I knew, in the back of my mind, that there was something significant about the 28th; after Vespers yesterday, it being Saint Augustine's feast day, I figured that the great Doctor was the date's 'significance'. 

This is their first concert with an audience since the plague nonsense disrupted normal life in the Spring. The musicians are more widely spaced on the stage and the audience members are seated erratically too; eh. According to the book that they mailed out in June or whenever, they were to have performed Webern's Passacaglia op 1 and Mendelssohn's Symphony no 1 before the Brahms: I wonder why that didn't happen; perhaps the length of the program is plague-limited? I don't know. One of those things that I'm sure I could find out about if I wanted to spend hours fussing about in German.

According to the original schedule, the next concert would have been an Olga Neuwirth European premiere and Mahler's 5th on the 13th September. But I'm sure the Digital Concert Hall page stated that the next one will be on Sunday with Igor Levit playing... you've guessed it, yes, Beethoven. Hmm; the Salzburg Festival has the Berlin Phil and Daniel Trifonov... on Sunday at six p.m.; Beethoven's Piano Concerto no 3 and Mendelssohn's Symphony no 1.

Well, I see that Igor Levit is reprising his marathon performance of the Beethoven sontas at the Salzburg Festival in Berlin at the Philharmonie during the Berliner Festspiele this week and next. My surmise is that the powers that be have decided that the Berlin Phil's Digital Concert Hall will stream Sunday's Levit recital while the Kirill Petrenko and the Orchestra are out gallivanting in Salzburg.